ce8aTypical Problems, Superior Solutions with KDR

Power quality has degraded over time due to the increased use of non-linear loads. Drives and other sensitive devices are vulnerable to electrical distortion on the line.

Harmonics and Power Quality

Variable frequency drives are beneficial to a wide range of applications, but contain a power conversion process that creates current and voltage distortion which can cause system-wide problems, including:

• Transformer and distribution equipment overheating
• Random breaker tripping
• Sensitive equipment may fail completely
• Poor power factor
• Reduced system efficiency

Transient Voltages cause Nuisance Tripping

A voltage transient, commonly caused by capacitor bank switching (or other issues), sends a current surge into the VFD bus capacitor. The additional current raises bus voltage, thus causing a drive fault (trip). In addition, this overvoltage condition will cause the drive to shut down in order to protect its components.

KDR Optimized Line Reactor on Transient Voltages

The additional impedance offered by the KDR Line Reactor slows down the current surge, thus reducing the likelihood of the drive tripping offline.
Unbalanced Distribution Systems cause Nuisance Tripping
Input voltage phase unbalance may prevent the drive from performing due to subsequent overcurrent conditions which cause the drive to cease operating.

KDR Optimized Line Reactor on Unbalanced systems

The addition of a KDR Reactor to the input of every drive will help balance the drive input line currents.